Precision biomechanical motion tracking and throw characterisation in professional darts

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Walsh, Michael
Tyndyk, Magdalena
Barton, John
O'Flynn, Brendan
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In professional sports there are in general three steps required to improve performance namely task definition, training and performance assessment. This process is iteratively repeated and feedback generated from quantitative performance measurement is in turn used for task redefinition. Task definition can be achieved in a number of ways including via video streaming or indeed and as is more common, by listening to coaching staff. However non-subjective performance evaluation is difficult due to the complexity of the movements involved. When considering the subset of sports where precision accuracy and repeatability are a necessity this problem becomes inherently more difficult to solve. Until recently sports such as martial arts, fencing and darts, where the smallest deviation from a prescribed movement goal can result in large outcome error, were deemed too difficult to characterise fully. Advances in technology, as illustrated by this study, now make this type of physiometry possible.
Biomechanical movement , Wireless inertial measurement unit (WIMU)
WALSH, M. J., TYNDYK, M., BARTON, J. & O’FLYNN, B. 2011. Precision biomechanical motion tracking and throw characterisation in professional darts. Annual Conference of the Bioengineering Section of the Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland, Ireland17. Galway, Ireland, 28-29 January 2011
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