Salutogenesis: a new paradigm for pervasive computing in healthcare environments?

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Dalton, Cathy
McCartney, Kevin
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Salutogenesis is now accepted as a part of the contemporary model of disease: an individual is not only affected by pathogenic factors in the environment, but those that promote well-being or salutogenesis. Given that "environment" extends to include the built environment, promotion of salutogenesis has become part of the architectural brief for contemporary healthcare facilities, drawing on an increasing evidence-base. Salutogenesis is inextricably linked with the notion of person-environment "fit". MyRoom is a proposal for an integrated architectural and pervasive computing model, which enhances psychosocial congruence by using real-time data indicative of the individual's physical status to enable the environment of his/her room (colour, light, temperature) to adapt on an on-going basis in response to bio-signals. This work is part of the PRTLI-IV funded programme NEMBES, investigating the use of embedded technologies in the built environment. Different care contexts require variations in the model, and iterative prototyping investigating use in different contexts will progressively lead to the development of a fully-integrated adaptive salutogenic single-room prototype.
Salutogenesis , Healthcare , Intelligent environments , Dementia , Psychosocial congruence
Dalton, C. and McCartney, K. (2011) Salutogenesis: A new paradigm for pervasive computing in healthcare environments? Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (PervasiveHealth), 2011 5th International Conference, Dublin, Ireland, 23-26 May.
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