Characteristics and properties of fibres suitable for a low FODMAP diet-an overview

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Atzler, Jonas J.
Sahin, Aylin W.
Gallagher, Eimear
Zannini, Emanuele
Arendt, Elke K.
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Background: Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the most common gastro-intestinal disorders worldwide and is often treated by adjusting the diet of IBS patients. An increased intake of dietary fibre (DF) and a limitation of the intake of fermentable oligo-, di-,monosaccharides and polyols (FODMAP) are the two dietary adjustments which are frequently recommended for people suffering from IBS. However, one challenge of a diet low in FODMAPs is the limited number of suitable dietary fibres. Scope and approach: The aim of this overview is to identify characteristics and DFs beneficial for IBS patients by comparing the physico-chemical properties of FODMAPs and DFs. Therefore, relevant literature about DFs and FODMAPs was collected and summarised. These characteristics and the associated technological properties were used for a selection of DFs which can be used to develop food products with an increased fibre content and a lower FODMAP content while assuring the product quality expected by the consumer. Key findings and conclusions: A low fermentation rate, low osmotic activity, insolubility and a high viscosity of soluble DFs have been identified as characteristics which are beneficial independent from the type of IBS. Soluble and non-viscous DFs can be beneficial depending on the occurrence of diarrhoea and their state of hydration. This finding highlights the importance of targeting a specific type of IBS. The above mentioned characteristics and the list of suitable DFs provide a good base for the development of functional foods and for future research regarding DF supporting the needs of IBS patients.
FODMAPs , Dietary fibre , IBS , Functional foods
Atzler, J. J., Sahin, A. W., Gallagher, E., Zannini, E. and Arendt, E. K. (2021) 'Characteristics and properties of fibres suitable for a low FODMAP diet-an overview', Trends In Food Science and Technology, 112, pp. 823-836. doi: 10.1016/j.tifs.2021.04.023
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