Shifting arrays of a kaleidoscope: The orchestration of relational value cocreation in service systems

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Kelleher, Carol
O'Loughlin, Deirdre
Gummerus, Johanna
Peñaloza, Lisa
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The predominant value discourse among scholars characterizes value cocreation as involving multiple actors at the micro-, meso-, and macrolevels in service systems. This research contributes to the knowledge of the interdependencies among multiple resource-integrating actors and value outcomes by employing a relational perspective on value cocreation within the empirical context of family caregiving. The findings reveal how interdependent actors orchestrate value cocreation in service systems, how this impacts value, and how orchestration precipitates system adjustments, which form the recursive context of value cocreation over time. We differentiate and delineate three multi-actor orchestration mechanisms—assembling, performing, and brokering—through which nonreferent beneficiaries coordinate value cocreation on behalf of dependent referent beneficiaries. We term the mutually generalized oscillating multiform negative and positive well-being outcomes that emerge from orchestration among interdependent actors as relational value. In employing the metaphor of the kaleidoscope to emphasize system dynamism, our discussion of relational value cocreation deepens our understanding of how nonreferent beneficiary-led orchestration, founded on generalized mutuality and on behalf of referent beneficiaries with reduced agency, enhances and balances multiform, oscillating and positive and negative well-being outcomes in service systems. This will help service practitioners facilitate orchestration and optimize value for all.
Value cocreation , Orchestration , Relational value , Well-being , Transformative service research
Kelleher, C., O'Loughlin, D., Gummerus, J. and Peñaloza, L. (2019) 'Shifting arrays of a kaleidoscope: The orchestration of relational value cocreation in service systems', Journal of Service Research. doi: 10.1177/1094670519882495
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