Electroless nickel/gold Ohmic contacts to p-type GaN

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Lewis, Liam
Casey, Declan P.
Jeyaseelan, Arockia Vimal
Rohan, James F.
Maaskant, Pleun P.
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American Institute of Physics
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A solution based approach to forming Ohmic contacts to p-type GaN is described. Electroless plated Ni/Au contacts are shown to compare favorably with traditional evaporated contacts, with contact resistivities rho(c) in the region of 10(-2) Omega cm(2). These values are readily achieved after a rapid thermal annealing in an O-2 atmosphere. The tunneling nature of the contact is confirmed via temperature dependant measurements. X-ray diffraction measurements confirm the similarity between evaporated and plated contacts. Current-photocurrent (I-L) and current-voltage (I-V) measurements from light emitting diodes formed using an electroless p-type contact are shown. Electroless deposition of the contact metals allows for a reduction in processing time and cost.
Ohmic contacts , Tunnelling , III-V semiconductors , Photoconductivity , X-ray diffraction , Rapid thermal annealing , Nickel , Wide band gap semiconductors , Electroplating , Gallium compounds , Contact resistance , Gold
LEWIS, L., CASEY, D. P., JEYASEELAN, A. V., ROHAN, J. F. & MAASKANT, P. P. 2008. Electroless nickel/gold Ohmic contacts to p-type GaN. Applied Physics Letters, 92, 062113. http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.2842425
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