Theoretical models for underwater RFID and the impact of water salinity on the design of wireless systems

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Peres, Caroline
Pigeon, Melusine
Rather, Nadeem
Gawade, Dinesh R.
Buckley, John
Jafarzadeh, Hamed
O'Flynn, Brendan
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ThinkMind (TM); IARIA
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Underwater wireless communications present challenges due to the characteristics of water as a propagation channel medium. Regardless, wireless communications are needed for a range of systems that operate underwater. Commonly used technologies for these use cases (radio-frequency, acoustic and optical communications) are lacking, as they generally suffer from strong attenuation, multipath effects and propagation delays. In this context, we explore the theoretical models for Path Loss of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems underwater in regards to the salinity of the water. We also discuss RFID systems feasibility in such applications as aquaculture and fish stock management. This paper aims to discuss the theoretical transmission models for RFID systems underwater, separating them into near-field systems – which use Magnetic Induction (MI) to communicate – and far-field systems – that transfer data via Radio Frequency (RF). We determine the path loss for each case, the effect of the salinity in the model for the path loss, and present preliminary measurements of magnetic field strength underwater for different salinity values.
RFID , Underwater wireless communications , Underwater RFID , Near-field communication , Magnetic induction , Salinity
Peres, C., Pigeon, M., Rather, N., Gawade, D., Buckley, J., Jafarzadeh, H. and O'Flynn, B. (2020) 'Theoretical Models for Underwater RFID and the Impact of Water Salinity on the Design of Wireless Systems', International Journal on Advances in Networks and Services, 13 (34), pp. 45-59.
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