Design and analysis of GO coated high sensitive tunable SPR sensor for OATR spectroscopic biosensing applications

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Islam, Md. Arefin
Paul, Alok Kumar
Hossain, Belal
Sarkar, Ajay Krishno
Rahman, Md. Mahabubur
Sayem, Abu Sadat Md.
Simorangkir, Roy B. V. B.
Shobug, Md Asaduzzaman
Buckley, John L.
Chakrabarti, Kisalaya
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
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In this paper, we numerically debrief an ultra-high sensitive surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensor utilizing thin layers of graphene oxide (GO) that have not been addressed adequately till now. By the deposition of GO on top of the metal-dielectric heterostructure, our proposed sensor can achieve higher sensitivity and higher Quality Factor (QF) simultaneously which has not been possible by the existing models to our knowledge. Because of its large surface area and sp2 inside of an sp3 matrix which is capable of confining π electrons, GO can form strong covalent bonds with biomolecules and hence enhanced light-material interaction that made researchers contemplate to achieve increased sensitivity and figure of merit. Both the transfer matrix method and finite element method are exploited to perform extensive numerical analysis for optimizing the structure considering its sensitivity, full width half maximum (FWHM), and QF. This paper examines six different configurations of multilayer heterostructure containing prism-adhesive-metal-BaTiO3/BP-Gr/GO/MXene-sensing medium, and a noticeably enhanced performance is achieved using GO with a maximum sensitivity of 372 deg/RIU and QF of 88.11 RIU−1 in the range of refractive index (RI) 1.330 to 1.353. Moreover, the possibility of designing a tunable SPR sensor to operate at a broader range of analyte’s RI is investigated, and 414 deg/RIU with 119.27 RIU−1 QF at 1.407 RI is achieved. The Electric field distribution, effects of different layers, and fabrication feasibility of the proposed sensor are explored, it is envisaged that this can be an appropriate apparatus for highly sensitive, rapid, and noninvasive label-free biosensing useful in experimental sensing protocols.
Composite layer sensor , Figure of merit , Graphene oxide , MXene , Surface plasmon resonance , Two-dimensional materials
Islam, M. A., Paul, A. K., Hossain, B., Sarkar, A. K., Rahman, M. M., Sayem, A. S. M., Simorangkir, R. B. V. B., Shobug, M. A., Buckley, J. L., Chakrabarti, K. and Lalbakhsh, A. (2022) 'Design and analysis of GO coated high sensitive tunable SPR sensor for OATR spectroscopic biosensing applications', IEEE Access, 10, pp.103496-103508. doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3211099
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