Influence of particle size on the physicochemical properties and stickiness of dairy powders

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O'Donoghue, Laura T.
Haque, Md Kamrul
Kennedy, Deirdre
Laffir, Fathima R.
Hogan, Sean A.
O'Mahony, James A.
Murphy, Eoin G.
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The compositional and physicochemical properties of different whey permeate (WPP), demineralised whey (DWP) and skim milk powder (SMP) size fractions were investigated. Bulk composition of WPP and DWP was significantly (P < 0.05) influenced by powder particle size; smaller particles had higher protein and lower lactose contents. Microscopic observations showed that WPP and DWP contained both larger lactose crystals and smaller amorphous particles. Bulk composition of SMP did not vary with particle size. Surface composition of the smallest SMP fraction (<75 μm) showed significantly lower protein (−9%) and higher fat (+5%) coverage compared with non-fractionated powders. For all powders, smaller particles were more susceptible to sticking. Hygroscopicity of SMP was not affected by particle size; hygroscopicity of semi-crystalline powders was inversely related to particle size. This study provides insights into differences between size fractions of dairy powders, which can potentially impact the sticking/caking behaviour of fine particles during processing. © 2019 Elsevier Ltd
Particle size , Dairy powders , Stickiness
O'Donoghue, L. T., Haque, M K., Kennedy, D., Laffir, F. R., Hogan, S. A., O'Mahony, J. A. and Murphy, E. G. (2019) 'Influence of particle size on the physicochemical properties and stickiness of dairy powders', International Dairy Journal, 98, pp.54-63.
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