All Island Congenital Heart Network brings diagnosis closer to home

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Finn, Daragh
Allawendy, S.A.A.
Dempsey, Eugene M.
McMahon, C. J.
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Irish Medical Organisation
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Aim: The All-Island congenital heart network appointed paediatricians with expertise in cardiology in regional centres. Prior to these appointments children with suspected congenital heart disease were referred to the national children’s heart centre for investigation. The aim of this study is to quantify paediatric cardiology activity in a regional Irish centre over the first year of service provision. Methods: Data was collected retrospectively on all inpatient neonatal referrals over a 12-month period (January 2019 to January 2020). Results: There were 268 neonatal referrals. Premature infants (< 37 weeks gestation) accounted for 26% (n= 69) of total neonatal referrals. Congenital cardiac disease was identified in 58.5% (n= 113) of referrals. Cardiac intervention in the first year of life was required in 24 infants, 12.2% of referrals (5.6% catheter and 6.6% surgery). Discussion: Our report displays how clinical networks of care can reduce hospital transfers from regional neonatal centres for non-invasive cardiology investigations.
Non-invasive cardiology investigations , Cardiac intervention , Paediatric cardiology , Clinical networks of care
Finn, D., Allawendy, S.A.A., Dempsey, E. M. and McMahon, C. J. (2022) 'All Island Congenital Heart Network brings diagnosis closer to home', Irish Medical Journal, 115(10), P697 (5pp). Available at: (Accessed: 27 January 2023)
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