ALD: adaptive layer distribution for scalable video

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Quinlan, Jason J.
Zahran, Ahmed H.
Sreenan, Cormac J.
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg
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Recent years have witnessed a rapid growth in the demand for streaming video over the Internet and mobile networks, exposes challenges in coping with heterogeneous devices and varying network throughput. Adaptive schemes, such as scalable video coding, are an attractive solution but fare badly in the presence of packet losses. Techniques that use description-based streaming models, such as multiple description coding (MDC), are more suitable for lossy networks, and can mitigate the effects of packet loss by increasing the error resilience of the encoded stream, but with an increased transmission byte cost. In this paper, we present our adaptive scalable streaming technique adaptive layer distribution (ALD). ALD is a novel scalable media delivery technique that optimises the tradeoff between streaming bandwidth and error resiliency. ALD is based on the principle of layer distribution, in which the critical stream data are spread amongst all packets, thus lessening the impact on quality due to network losses. Additionally, ALD provides a parameterised mechanism for dynamic adaptation of the resiliency of the scalable video. The Subjective testing results illustrate that our techniques and models were able to provide levels of consistent high-quality viewing, with lower transmission cost, relative to MDC, irrespective of clip type. This highlights the benefits of selective packetisation in addition to intuitive encoding and transmission.
Scalable video , Lossy networks , Layered coding , Error resilience , Layer distribution
QUINLAN, J. J., ZAHRAN, A. H. & SREENAN, C. J. 2015. ALD: adaptive layer distribution for scalable video. Multimedia Systems, 21(5), 465-484. doi:
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