A comparative, diachronic study of television dubbing in Galicia and Catalonia (1983-2007)

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Neville, Craig
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University College Cork
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This thesis is a comparative, diachronic analysis of dubbing for television in Galicia and Catalonia from the mid-1980s to 2007. Drawing on approaches in comparative translation studies, this thesis aims to analyse, compare and triangulate different forms of historical macro-, meso- and micro-level data from two case studies to uncover how contextual factors have affected the dubbing processes and products in each region. Drawing on several theoretical and analytical frameworks from the fields of AVT, media and communication studies and sociolinguistics, this multi-layered, interdisciplinary study explores the role that AVT has played in shaping their respective minority mediascapes and in supporting the dissemination of the Galician and Catalan linguistic standards to their respective populations. It also offers a unique insight into the resultant sociolinguistic identities that are portrayed on screen, reflecting (or not) the linguistic diversity of the Catalan and Galician viewership. Furthermore, this study also contributes to our understanding of the unique interplay between autonomous language policy and planning in Galicia and Catalonia, the views of the agents enacting such policy and the subsequent effects of their actions in these linguistically asymmetric contexts. Ultimately, this research makes key contributions to the field of AVT and Galician and Catalan studies by enhancing not only extant descriptive methodologies through the use of corpora and CAQDAS software but also our understanding of how dubbed language has evolved on Galician and Catalan television against the backdrop of Spain. Moreover, the data contained in this thesis offers a comprehensive baseline for future research possibilities in AVT, media and sociolinguistics.
Catalonia , Galicia , Corpus-based , Diachronic , Dubbing , Audiovisual translation studies (AVT)
Neville, C. 2022. A comparative, diachronic study of television dubbing in Galicia and Catalonia (1983-2007). PhD Thesis, University College Cork.
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