Drama to go! Hints and hands-on activities for the classroom

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Sambanis, Michaela
Baran, Delil
Beltrop, Kimon
Grabert, Lisa
Knorr-Dadfar, Janina
März, Josephin
Schneider, Andrea
Splitt, Frank
Wonschik, Katharina
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Department of German, University College Cork
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We are a group of English philology trainee teachers enrolled in a Master of Education programme at the Freie Universität Berlin, who participated in a seminar on drama in the foreign language classroom taught by Prof. Dr. Michaela Sambanis (chair of English didactics) in the winter term 2012/2013. In the course of the semester, we came across many inspiring ideas in already existing publications on drama in the classroom such as Tselikas 1999, Elena 2011. However, as future English teachers we were eager to find hands-on material for the classroom allowing flexibility in use, bringing more creativity to our teaching, and providing us with the essential theoretical as well as practical information to keep us informed and well-oriented. Inspired by different articles, manuals etc., we finally decided to create our own material for the foreign language classroom including classic examples as well as new drama impulses. We opted for a mode of presentation that we feel would be useful and easily accessible. As compact printables, the drama activities are ready to be slipped into the teacher’s pocket, thus becoming drama to go (cf. section 3). After this introductory paragraph, section 2 will provide some preliminary remarks on the use of ...
Sambanis, M., Baran, D., Beltrop, K., Grabert, L., Knorr-Dadfar, J., März, J., Schneider, A., Splitt, F. and Wonschik, K. (2013) 'Drama to go! Hints and hands-on activities for the classroom', Scenario: A Journal of Performative Teaching, Learning, Research, VII(1), pp. 73-92. https://doi.org/10.33178/scenario.7.1.5