An approach for training decision making competences in a multi-modal online environment

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Nussbaumer, Alexander
Steiner, Christina M.
McCarthy, Nora
Dwane, Simon
Neville, Karen
O'Riordan, Sheila
Albert, Dietrich
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Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education
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In this paper, we describe an approach for training decision making competences in emergency situations with the help of a multi-modal online environment. Decision making is an essential aspect of emergency management and a successful response to an emergency situation highly depends on whether decisions are being taken in an effective and timely manner. For this reason effective training programs are needed, in order to guarantee that emergency managers respond adequately to disasters. This paper addresses these needs by outlining and structuring the competences required for making meaningful decisions and by presenting an approach on how these competences can be trained in an online environment.
Decision making competences , Competence-based Knowledge Space Theory , Personalization , Online training
Nussbaumer, A., Steiner, C. M., McCarthy, N., Dwane, S., Neville, K., O'Riordan, S. and Albert, D. (2015) 'An Approach for Training Decision Making Competences in a Multi-Modal Online Environment', ICCE 2015: Proceedings of the 23rd International Conference on Computers in Education, Hangzhou, China, 30 Nov - 04 Dec, China: Asia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education, pp. 97-99.
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