Image based Particle Shape Analysis Toolbox (IPSAT)

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Tunwal, Mohit
Mulchrone, Kieran F.
Meere, Patrick A.
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Shape analysis can provide vital information regarding the origin, transport and deposition history of grains. Particle shape measurement has been an active area of research for sedimentologists since the 20th century. With advancement in the field of computation and image analysis, shape analysis can be done in a faster and much more accurate way compared to manual measurements. The results obtained are reproducible as compared to visual qualitative analysis. However, there is a lack of image analysis software tools aimed at the field of sedimentology where the fine details of a particle boundaries are required. Image based Particle Shape Analysis Toolbox (IPSAT) developed in the Mathematica environment for the quantitative characterisation of sedimentary grains in 2-dimensions is presented here. This image analysis toolbox can be used to analyse consolidated as well as loose sediment samples. A total of 12 parameters are available for shape measurement comprising conventional shape parameters (roundness, angularity, circularity and irregularity), mathematically complex shape parameters (fractal dimension and Fourier descriptors) and common geometrical shape parameters (aspect ratio, convexity, solidity, mod ratio, rectangularity and compactness). Additionally, IPSAT offers to compute 6 particle size measurement parameters. Furthermore, 2-D particle size distribution can be transformed to a 3-D size distribution for thin section analysis. Example analyses have been carried out on a sandstone and a loose sediment sample. The toolbox presented here aims to establish a textural analysis methodology to be used by geologists and sedimentologists in particular. It will allow users to quantitatively characterise a large set of grains with a fast, cheap and robust methodology.
Angularity , Image analysis , Particle shape , Particle size , Roundness , Texture
Tunwal, M., Mulchrone, K. F. and Meere, P. A. (2020) 'Image based Particle Shape Analysis Toolbox (IPSAT)', Computers & Geosciences, 135, 104391, (11 pp). doi: 10.1016/j.cageo.2019.104391
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