Phenotyping for a personalised approach to CVD prevention

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McEvoy, John William
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University College Cork
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Cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention requires interventions at the level of the population (public health) and at the level of individuals (medical care). Therapeutic options to reduce the risk of CVD among at risk individuals are increasingly available, but access to and implementation of these evidence-based therapies is suboptimal and costs to health systems are often a deterrent to payers. Therefore, advanced phenotyping of individuals, for example using biomarkers of subclinical CVD, in order to better personalize their preventive care is an attractive approach. In the corpus of work presented for this PhD by prior publication, a series of eleven published papers is included that examines the role of biomarkers of subclinical CVD (specifically high-sensitivity Troponin measured in blood and coronary artery calcium imaging) in the management of persons with hypertension and abnormalities in diastolic blood pressure.
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Cardiovascular disease , Hypertension , Cardiac biomarkers , Phenotyping , Prevention
McEvoy, J. W. 2022. Phenotyping for a personalised approach to CVD prevention. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.
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