The development of a practitioner design science research canvas

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Nagle, Tadhg
Sammon, David
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SIGPrag: AIS Special Interest Group for Pragmatist Information Systems Research
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Whether justified or not there is a disconnect between practice and research within the IS domain. For most that have commented on this disconnect, they have done so in the context of it being a limitation and while it has long been identified it has been very difficult to overcome. This has ultimately resulted in a very noticeable lack of engagement from practitioners in IS research, reinforcing the divide. One key factor that has been attributed to causing this disconnect has been the lack of clear and detailed guidelines for practitioners. With the objective of tackling this problem the article outlines the development of a Practitioner Design Science Research Canvas that aims to facilitate practitioners in becoming Practitioner Researchers by guiding them through a Design Science Research project. The canvas itself has evolved through DSR over 3 iterations and has contributed to highly successful DSR projects from both a practice and research perspective.
Practitioner research , Design science research , Information systems , Business information systems
Nagle, T., Sammon, D. (2016) 'The development of a practitioner design science research canvas', AIS SIGPRAG: Pre-ICIS Workshop 2016: Practice-based Design and Innovation of Digital Artifacts, Dublin, Ireland, December 10. Available online:
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