Miniaturised multi-MEMS sensor development

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Hautefeuille, Mathieu
O'Mahony, Conor
O'Flynn, Brendan
Peters, Frank H.
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Complex systems, from environmental behaviour to electronics reliability, can now be monitored with Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN), where multiple environmental sensors are deployed in remote locations. This ensures aggregation and reading of data, at lower cost and lower power consumption. Because miniaturisation of the sensing system is hampered by the fact that discrete sensors and electronics consume board area, the development of MEMS sensors offers a promising solution. At Tyndall, the fabrication flow of multiple sensors has been made compatible with CMOS circuitry to further reduce size and cost. An ideal platform on which to host these MEMS environmental sensors is the Tyndall modular wireless mote. This paper describes the development and test of the latest sensors incorporating temperature, humidity, corrosion, and gas. It demonstrates their deployment on the Tyndall platform, allowing real-time readings, data aggregation and cross-correlation capabilities. It also presents the design of the next generation sensing platform using the novel 10mm wireless cube developed by Tyndall.
Microelectromechanical devices , Environmental management systems , Micromachining
Hautefeuille, M., O'Mahony, C., O'Flynn, B., Peters, F.H., 2008. Miniaturised multi-MEMS sensor development. In: IMAPS (International Microelectronics And Packaging Society)-CPMT(Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology) 32nd International Microelectronics and Packaging IMAPS-CPMT Poland Conference. Warszawa-Pułtusk, Poland 21-24 September 2008.
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