Bronchoscopy in the investigation of outpatients with hemoptysis at a lung cancer clinic

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Arooj, Parniya
Bredin, Emily
Henry, Michael T.
Khan, Kashif A.
Plant, Barry J.
Murphy, Desmond M.
Kennedy, Marcus P.
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Background: In the investigation of lung cancer, current practice in many healthcare systems would support bronchoscopy regardless of CT findings in patients with hemoptysis. We sought to identify the cause, the diagnostic yield of CT and bronchoscopy and the requirement for bronchoscopy in at risk patients with hemoptysis with a normal CT scan through our rapid access lung cancer clinic (RALC). Methods: Initially, a chart review was performed on all patients with hemoptysis (2011–2012) and thereafter a prospective analysis was performed (2013–2016). Results: Our analysis represents the largest study to date in outpatients with hemoptysis. In our retrospective study, 155 patients reported hemoptysis. Causes were lower respiratory tract infections (RTIs) (47%) and lung cancer (16%). Our prospective study included 182 patients. The causes of hemoptysis were RTIs (50%) and lung cancer (18%). There were no false negative CT-scans for lung cancer. 47/57 present with lung cancer underwent bronchoscopy and 43/47 were positive for lung cancer (92%). Patients with hemoptysis and lung cancer have a higher stage of malignancy with a predominance of squamous cell lung carcinoma. Smoking status, the duration of hemoptysis or description of hemoptysis were not predictive of lung cancer however lung cancer was not identified in patients age <50. Conclusions: One sixth of patients presenting with hemoptysis to our lung cancer clinic had lung cancer. No patient identified with cancer related haemoptysis had a CT negative for lung cancer and a combination of bronchoscopy plus endobronchial ultrasound trans-bronchial needle aspiration (EBUS-TBNA) in those patients with a CT suspicious of lung cancer is 92% sensitive for lung cancer causing hemoptysis.
Bronchoscopy , CT thorax , EBUS-TBNA , Hemoptysis , Lung cancer
Arooj, P., Bredin, E., Henry, M. T., Khan, K. A., Plant, B. J., Murphy, D. M. and Kennedy, M. P. (2018) 'Bronchoscopy in the investigation of outpatients with hemoptysis at a lung cancer clinic', Respiratory Medicine, 139, pp. 1-5. doi: 10.1016/j.rmed.2018.04.007