Why do we collaborate: The benefits of collaboration and partnership at UCC Library

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O'Connor, Martin
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"We first became aware of strange happenings at UCC Library in January 2014 when they curated an exhibition dedicated to the memory of the famed Cork rock venue and club Sir Henry’s” (Fanning Sessions Blog - July 14th, 2017) The above quote highlights how partnership and collaboration can positively impact on the perception of the library. This talk will reflect on why and how UCC Library involves and collaborates with various partners to do different things, and things differently. It will look at four examples of creative collaborations: 1) An Exhibition about a nightclub 2) A Library Radio show and podcast 3) A one off performance by an alt rock band of their forthcoming album and 4) A book launch for a book about Punk Music. These examples involved partnering with academics, musicians, authors, UCC Staff, and the wider community. It will explain how and why UCC Library is open to collaboration. Finally, It will highlight the many benefits of libraries collaborating with outside partners. And there will be music and video…
Academic libraries , Partnerships , Collaboration , Exhibitions , Multimedia
O'Connor, M. (2023) 'Why do we collaborate: The benefits of collaboration and partnership at UCC Library', LAI/CILIP Joint Annual Conference 2023: Libraries Making a Difference, Dundalk, Co. Louth Ireland, 26-27 April.
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