ITSM ProcessGuide – a longitudinal and multi-method field study for real-world DSR artifact evaluation

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Morana, Stefan
Schacht, Silvia
Gerards, Timo
Maedche, Alexander
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Process guidance supports users to increase their process model understanding, process execution effectiveness as well as efficiency, and process compliance performance. This paper presents a research in progress encompassing our ongoing DSR project on Process Guidance Systems and a field evaluation of the resulting artifact in cooperation with a company. Building on three theory-grounded design principles, a Process Guidance System artifact for the company’s IT service ticketing process is developed, deployed and used. Fol-lowing a multi-method approach, we plan to evaluate the artifact in a longitudinal field study. Thereby, we will not only gather self-reported but also real usage data. This article describes the development of the artifact and discusses an innovative evaluation approach.
Process guidance , Longitudinal field study , Multi-method evaluation , Design science research
MORANA, S., SCHACHT, S., GERARDS, T., MAEDCHE, A.. 2015. ITSM ProcessGuide – a longitudinal and multi-method field study for real-world DSR artifact evaluation. In: DONNELLAN, B., GLEASURE, R., HELFERT, M., KENNEALLY, J., ROTHENBERGER, M., CHIARINI TREMBLAY, M., VANDERMEER, D. & WINTER, R. (eds.) At the Vanguard of Design Science: First Impressions and Early Findings from Ongoing Research Research-in-Progress Papers and Poster Presentations from the 10th International Conference, DESRIST 2015. Dublin, Ireland, 20-22 May. pp. 109-116
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