Extending CP-nets with stronger conditional preference statements

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Wilson, Nic
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A logic of conditional preferences is defined, with a language which allows she compact representation of certain kinds of conditional preference statements, a semantics and a proof theory. CP-nets can be expressed in this language, and the semantics and proof theory generalise those of CP-nets. Despite being substantially more expressive, the formalism maintains important properties of CP-nets; there are simple sufficient conditions for consistency, and, under these conditions, optimal outcomes can be efficiently generated. It is also then easy to find a total order on outcomes which extends the conditional preference order, and an approach to constrained optimisation can be used which generalises a natural approach for CP-nets. Some results regarding the expressive power of CP-nets are also given.
CP-nets , Constraints , Constrained optimisation
Wilson, N. (2004) 'Extending CP-Nets with Stronger Conditional Preference Statements', AAAI'04: Proceedings of the 19th National Conference on Artifical intelligence, San Jose, CA, USA, 25-29 July, pp. 735-741. isbn: 978-0-262-51183-4
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