A snapshot of female representation in twelve academic psychiatry institutions around the world

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Kenney, Joanne
Ochoa, Susanna
Alnor, Mohamed Abdalhameed
Ben-Azu, Benneth
Diaz-Cutraro, Luciana
Folarin, Royhaan
Hutch, Avril
Luckhoff, Hilmar Klaus
Prokopez, Cintia R.
Rychagov, Nicole
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Elsevier B.V.
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The study presented here aims at bringing a global perspective to the phenomenon of unequal representation of females in science by offering empirical data of female representation in neuroscience/schizophrenia academic or clinical departments in several institutions around the world. We took advantage of a budding network of scientists and colleagues from different countries to bring the data together. The data presented are related to sex, that is the biological distinction between males and females, based on genetics and reproductive anatomy, while gender, considered a cultural concept was harder to determine. We report data from two clinical/academic departments in Nigeria, Africa; 2 clinical/academic departments from Sudan, Africa; 1 clinical/academic department from South Africa, Africa; 3 academic institutions from Ireland, Europe; 1 clinical/academic institution from Spain, Europe; 2 academic institutions from Buenos Aires University, Argentina; and the Psychiatry Departments at Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA.
Leaky pipeline , Bottleneck effect , Unconscious bias , Women representation in psychiatry , Women representation in neuroscience , Women representation in Africa, South America, European Community, North America , Women representation global perspective
Kenney, J., Ochoa, S., Alnor, M. A., Ben-Azu, B., Diaz-Cutraro, L., Folarin, R., Hutch, A., Luckhoff, H. K., Prokopez, C. R., Rychagov, N., Surajudeen, B., Walsh, L., Watts, T. and del Re, E. C. (2022) 'A snapshot of female representation in twelve academic psychiatry institutions around the world', Psychiatric Research, 308, 114358 (8pp). doi: 10.1016/j.psychres.2021.114358
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