IMPAQT Miniaturized Underwater Acoustic Telemetry Platform: Transmitter Node System Design

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Jafarzadeh, Hamed
Belcastro, Marco
O'Flynn, Brendan
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The marine environment and its natural resources are an essential part of the geographical ecosystem and a great food source for humans. In recent years, terrestrial wireless sensor networks and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have developed rapidly; however, due to the limitation of signal propagation in water, there is less development and advancement in the underwater sensors network domain. IMPAQT is a European research project aiming at the development of the technologies and methods to promote and support inland, coastal zone and offshore Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) sites. As part of the IMPAQT project, a novel underwater acoustic telemetry platform has been proposed and is under development, to provide a method to collect and transmit sensors data underwater. The proposed platform architecture consists of several ultrasonic transmitter sensor nodes and a gateway buoy as a data aggregator interface. Transmitter nodes will collect and log underwater sensor data and transmit it at regular intervals to the gateway buoy and the gateway buoy will send the collected data to a data management system using a Long Range (LoRa) communication link. The IMPAQT Transmitter node has an integrated accelerometer sensor, a temperature sensor, and a pressure sensor onboard. There is also an Infrared Data Association protocol (IrDA) interface that can be used to attach any external auxiliary sensor module to the transmitter node and configure the transmitter node to collect the external module’s data. The current version of the transmitter node under development can be attached to seaweed, or it can be used as a floating sensor node in the water and due to its small size and weight design it almost has no impact on the working environment. In this paper, the background of the miniaturized underwater sensors is studied, and design method of the transmitter node is discussed. Future work will focus on the test and deployment of the transmitter and gateway in marine deployments.
Biotelemetry , Underwater communication , Underwater sensors network , Underwater sensor node
Jafarzadeh, H., Belcastro, M. and O'Flynn, Brendan (2020) 'IMPAQT Miniaturized Underwater Acoustic Telemetry Platform: Transmitter Node System Design', SENSORCOMM 2020, The Fourteenth International Conference on Sensor Technologies and Applications Valencia, Spain, 21-25 November, pp. 34-37. isbn: 978-1-61208-819-8
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