High-performance photodetectors based on the 2d sias/sns2 heterojunction

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Sun, Yinchang
Xie, Liming
Ma, Zhao
Qian, Ziyue
Liao, Junyi
Hussain, Sabir
Liu, Hongjun
Qiu, Hailong
Wu, Juanxia
Hu, Zhanggui
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Constructing 2D heterojunctions with high performance is the critical solution for the optoelectronic applications of 2D materials. This work reports on the studies on the preparation of high-quality van der Waals SiAs single crystals and high-performance photodetectors based on the 2D SiAs/SnS2 heterojunction. The crystals are grown using the chemical vapor transport (CVT) method and then the bulk crystals are exfoliated to a few layers. Raman spectroscopic characterization shows that the low wavenumber peaks from interlayer vibrations shift significantly along with SiAs' thickness. In addition, when van der Waals heterojunctions of p-type SiAs/n-type SnS2 are fabricated, under the source-drain voltage of -1 V-1 V, they exhibit prominent rectification characteristics, and the ratio of forwarding conduction current to reverse shutdown current is close to 102, showing a muted response of 1 A/W under excitation light of 550 nm. The light responsivity and external quantum efficiency are increased by 100 times those of SiAs photodetectors. Our experimental results enrich the research on the IVA-VA group p-type layered semiconductors.
SiAs/SnS2 , Heterojunction , Photodetectors
Sun, Y., Xie, L., Ma, Z., Qian, Z., Liao, J., Hussain, S., Liu, H., Qiu, H., Wu, J. and Hu, Z. (2022) ‘High-performance photodetectors based on the 2d sias/sns2 heterojunction’, Nanomaterials, 12(3), 371 (14 pp). Available at: https://doi.org/10.3390/nano12030371
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