Characterization of resistivity of Sb2S3 semiconductor nanowires by conductive AFM and in-situ methods

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Bukins, J.
Kunakova, Gunta
Birjukovs, P.
Prikulis, Juris
Varghese, Justin M.
Holmes, Justin D.
Erts, Donats
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Conductive AFM and in situ methods were used to determine contact resistance and resistivity of individual Sb2S3 nanowires. Nanowires were deposited on oxidized Si surface for in situ measurements and on Si surface with macroelectrodes for conductive AFM (C-AFM) measurements. Contact resistance was determined by measurement of I(V) characteristics at different distances from the nanowire contact with the macroelectrode and resistivity of nanowires was determined. Sb2S3 is a soft material with low adhesion force to the surface and therefore special precautions were taken during measurements.
Conductive AFM , Nanowires , Resistivity , Sb2S3 , Semiconductor nanowire
Bukins, J., Kunakova, G., Birjukovs, P., Prikulis, J., Varghese, J., Holmes, J.D. and Erts, D. (2011), ‘Characterization of Resistivity of Sb2S3 Semiconductor Nanowires by Conductive AFM and In Situ Methods’, Advanced Materials Research, Vol. 222, pp. 106-109, doi: 10.4028/
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