Where's the transformation? Unlocking the potential of technology-enhanced assessment

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Sweeney, Trudy
West, Deborah
Groessler, Anthea
Haynie, Aeron
Higgs, Bettie Matheson
Macaulay, Janet
Mercer-Mapstone, Lucy
Yeo, Michelle
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International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (ISSOTL)
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This study provides insight into technology-enhanced assessment (TEA) in diverse higher education contexts. The effectiveness of using technology for assessment in higher education is still equivocal, particularly in regard to evidence of improvements in student learning. This empirical research explores the affordances that technology offers to assessment for transforming student learning. A systematic literature review, guided by an analytic survey tool, was used to identify and interrogate recent scholarly articles published in 19 international journals. From a total of 1713 articles, 139 articles were identified as being focused on the use of technology for assessment. The analytic tool guided the rigorous exploration of the literature regarding the types of technology being used, the educational goal, the type of assessment, and the degree of “transformation” afforded by the technology. Results showed that, in the sample investigated, TEA is used most frequently for formative peer learning, as part of the task design and feedback stages of the assessment cycle, and that social media has been a major affordance for this. Results are discussed with a view to fostering a future culture of inquiry and scholarship around TEA in higher education.
Assessment , Technology , Learning , Enhanced , Transformed
Sweeney, T., West, D., Groessler, A., Haynie, A., Higgs, B. M., Macaulay, J., Mercer-Mapstone, L. and Yeo, M. (2017) Where’s the transformation? Unlocking the potential of technology-enhanced assessment’, Teaching and Learning Inquiry, 5(1), pp. 1-16. doi: 10.20343/5.1.5
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