Development of an insulin-prescribing chart for paediatric diabetes

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Finn, Bryan Padraig
O'Neill, T.
Bradfield, A.
O'Sullivan, T.
Beattie, S.
O'Connell, S. M.
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Irish Medical Organisation
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Aim: Our aim was to design a new insulin prescribing tool in compliance with the Irish Medicines Safety Network recommendations. Methods: In 2015, we undertook a review of the existing paediatric subcutaneous insulin-prescribing sheet introduced to Cork University Hospital in 2013. This involved a retrospective analysis of 15 consecutive in-patient insulin prescribing charts and a questionnaire distributed to health professionals. Following this a new insulin prescribing chart was designed and implemented in 2016 and a re-audit was performed in 2017. Results: The 2017 re-audit demonstrated that the new insulin chart was viewed as easier (95% of previous users n=18) and safer (n=16) to use. There was less confusion (2017: 28%, n=11/39 vs 2015: 50%, n=17/34 2015) and the ALERT system helped staff standardise hypo/hyperglycaemia management (71%, n=28). Conclusion: The new paediatric insulin prescribing chart has improved safety and ease of prescribing insulin. The colour coded quasi graph and ALERT system has made it easier to appreciate capillary blood glucose trends and manage them safely.
Paediatric insulin prescribing chart , Capillary blood glucose trends
Finn, B. P., O’Neill, T., Bradfield, A., O’Sullivan, T., Beattie, S. and O’Connell, S. M. (2019) ‘Development of an insulin-prescribing chart for paediatric diabetes’, Irish Medical Journal, 112(9), P999 (8pp). Available at: (Accessed: 17.01.2020)
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