Enabling effective operational decision making on a Combined Heat and Power System using the 5C architecture

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Bruton, Ken
Walsh, Brendan P.
Cusack, Donal Óg
O'Donovan, Peter
O'Sullivan, Dominic T. J.
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The use of Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) to optimise industrial energy systems is an approach which has the potential to positively impact on manufacturing sector energy efficiency. The need to obtain data to facilitate the implementation of a CPS in an industrial energy system is however a complex task which is often implemented in a non-standardised way. The use of the 5C CPS architecture has the potential to standardise this approach. This paper describes a case study where data from a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system located in a large manufacturing company was fused with grid electricity and gas models as well as a maintenance cost model using the 5C architecture with a view to making effective decisions on its cost efficient operation. A control change implemented based on the cognitive analysis enabled via the 5C architecture implementation has resulted in energy cost savings of over €7400 over a four-month period, with energy cost savings of over €150,000 projected once the 5C architecture is extended into the production environment.
5C architecture , Cyber Physical Systems , Smart manufacturing , Smart grid , Integrated energy systems
Bruton, K., Walsh, B. P., Cusack, D. Ó., O’Donovan, P. and O'Sullivan, D. T. J. (2016) ‘Enabling effective operational decision making on a Combined Heat and Power System Using the 5C architecture’, Procedia CIRP, 55, pp. 296-301. doi: 10.1016/j.procir.2016.08.036
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