An empirical investigation into the use of Lean Six Sigma in a complex, resource constrained environment

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Healy, Joseph O.
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University College Cork
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This dissertation examines the use Lean Six Sigma (LSS) in a Complex Resource Constrained Environment. In particular, three distinct research topics are analysed: the impact on Stakeholder Theory and LSS when operating in an environment where customer needs are not the most salient; the impact on LSS when operating in a complex environment and; the impact on LSS when operating in a resource constrained environment. The research findings show that customer needs will only be fully satisfied by LSS project outcomes where customer needs are more salient that that of other stakeholders. The findings also show that in a complex environment there is a role for the use of both simpler, useful and familiar LSS tools and techniques as well as more complex and advanced tools and techniques. The research classifies these tools and techniques and identifies the tools and techniques used in a LSS project aimed at implementing a financial system. A project roadmap in this regard is also provided. The research shows the role of tools and techniques associated with the Implement and Control phases when utilising a Design for Lean Six Sigma (DfLSS) approach. It highlights three key enablers for successful deployment in such projects; a structured approach, good communication and a clear customer focus. The research shows the appropriateness of Public Service organisations deploying LSS. The findings show that resource constraints affect the execution of LSS projects and impact on LSS Project outcomes. LSS practitioners must employ upfront, open and honest communication to set expectations. In addition, the findings show that in resource constrained environments, practitioners should focus on achieving the best LSS outcomes given the resource constraints. The research also contributes to the expansion of the Theory of Constraints into the Public Sector in the context of the execution of a LSS project.
Lean , Six Sigma , Lean Six Sigma , Design for Lean Six Sigma , Complexity , Stakeholder , Resource-constrained , Public sector
Healy, J. O. 2017. An empirical investigation into the use of Lean Six Sigma in a complex, resource constrained environment. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.
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