Pyrrolidinium containing Ionic liquid electrolytes for Li-based batteries

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McGrath, Louise M.
Rohan, James F.
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Ionic liquids are potential alternative electrolytes to the more conventional solid-state options under investigation for future energy storage solutions. This review addresses the utilization of IL electrolytes in energy storage devices, particularly pyrrolidinium-based ILs. These ILs offer favorable properties, such as high ionic conductivity and the potential for high power drain, low volatility and wide electrochemical stability windows (ESW). The cation/anion combination utilized significantly influences their physical and electrochemical properties, therefore a thorough discussion of different combinations is outlined. Compatibility with a wide array of cathode and anode materials such as LFP, V2O5, Ge and Sn is exhibited, whereby thin-films and nanostructured materials are investigated for micro energy applications. Polymer gel electrolytes suitable for layer-by-layer fabrication are discussed for the various pyrrolidinium cations, and their compatibility with electrode materials assessed. Recent advancements regarding the modification of typical cations such a 1-butyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium, to produce ether-functionalized or symmetrical cations is discussed.
Anode , Cathode , Electrolyte , Energy storage , Ionic liquids , Lithium ion batteries , Lithium metal batteries , Polymer gel electrolyte , Pyrrolidinium
McGrath, L. M. and Rohan, J. F. (2020) 'Pyrrolidinium Containing Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Li-Based Batteries', Molecules, 25(24), 6002 (33 pp). doi: 10.3390/molecules25246002
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