Crystal polymorphs and transformations of 2-iodo-4-nitroaniline

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Kelly, Dawn M.
Eccles, Kevin S.
Elcoate, Curtis J.
Lawrence, Simon E.
Moynihan, Humphrey A.
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American Chemical Society
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Full crystal structural characterization of three crystal polymorphs of 2-iodo-4-nitroaniline was carried out: the triclinic, orthorhombic, and a new monoclinic form. Powder X-ray diffraction, differential scanning calorimetry, and infrared data on the three of these are reported. Solvent-mediated transformations were observed on the basis of changes in crystal morphology and data from an in situ laser probe. Transformation to the monoclinic form was observed in all cases. [Published as part of a virtual special issue of selected papers presented in celebration of the 40th Anniversary Conference of the British Association for Crystal Growth (BACG), which was held at Wills Hall, Bristol, UK, September 6-8, 2009]
Crystallography and liquid crystals , Crystal polymorphism , Solution-mediated transformations , 2-iodo-4-nitroaniline
KELLY, D. M., ECCLES, K. S., ELCOATE, C. J., LAWRENCE, S. E. & MOYNIHAN, H. A. 2010. Crystal polymorphs and transformations of 2-iodo-4-nitroaniline. Crystal Growth & Design, 10, 4303-4309. doi:
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