Men's sheds and the Sustainable Development Goals: Local responses to global challenges

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Power, Carol
O'Callaghan, Alannah
Kenny, Michelle
O'Connor, Ray
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Centre for Co-operative Studies, University College Cork
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Purpose of the report: In 2019 the Irish Men’s Sheds Association (IMSA) was designated a Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Champion by the Republic of Ireland’s Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment. This report evaluates the effectiveness of community-based men’s sheds on the island of Ireland as agents of social and environmental sustainability and identifies potential to develop this role. Recommendations are offered for consideration by men’s sheds across the island. As an academic study, the key novel contribution is the finding that men’s sheds in Ireland in addition to supporting social sustainability, are also already engaged in activities that support environmental sustainability. There is scope to further develop their role as champions of environmental sustainability in their communities. While men’s sheds have received significant attention from researchers interested in their role in health, wellbeing and social inclusion, their current and potential role in environmental sustainability has been largely absent from the academic literature on men’s sheds
Irish Menâ s Sheds Association (IMSA) , Social Inclusion , Sustainable Development Goals , (SDGs) , Wellbeing , Men's health , SDG Champion designation , Men's sheds , Sheds , Ireland
Power, C., O’Callaghan, A., Kenny, M. and O’Connor, R. (2022) Men’s Sheds and the Sustainable Development Goals: Local Responses to Global Challenges, Centre for Co-operative Studies, University College Cork
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