Mediating effects of coping style on associations between psychological factors and self-harm among adolescents

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McMahon, Elaine M.
Corcoran, Paul
McAuliffe, Carmel
Keeley, Helen S.
Perry, Ivan J.
Arensman, Ella
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There is evidence for an association between suicidal behaviour and coping style among adolescents. The aims of this study were to examine associations between coping style, mental health factors and self-harm thoughts and acts among Irish adolescents, and to investigate whether coping style mediates associations between mental health factors (depression, anxiety and self-esteem) and self-harm. A cross-sectional school-based survey was carried out. Information was obtained on history of self-harm, life events, demographic, psychological and lifestyle factors. Emotion-oriented coping was strongly associated with poorer mental health and self-harm thoughts and acts, while problem-oriented coping was associated with better mental health. A mediating effect of emotion-oriented coping on associations between mental health factors and DSH was found for both genders and between problem-oriented coping and mental health factors for girls. Similar mediating effects of coping style were found when risk of self-harm thoughts was examined.
Adolescence , Deliberate self-harm (DSH) , Coping styles , Suicidal behaviour , Depression , Anxiety , Self-esteem , Schools , Ireland
MCMAHON, E. M., CORCORAN, P., MCAULIFFE, C., KEELEY, H., PERRY, I. J. & ARENSMAN, E. 2013. Mediating Effects of Coping Style on Associations Between Mental Health Factors and Self-Harm Among Adolescents. Crisis: The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention, 34, 242-250.