Intercultural and lifelong learning based on educational drama

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Kondoyianni, Alkistis
Lenakakis, Antonis
Tsiotsos, Nikos
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Department of German, University College Cork
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This paper is an attempt to propose multidimensional research projects and therefore it is addressed to researchers and theatre/drama-pedagogues. Our principal aim of this paper is to suggest ways to investigate the role of drama both as a methodology in itself in the fields of education and lifelong learning, and as a means suitable for implementation in many other arenas. Our focus on alternative dramatic forms such as puppetry, dramatised narration and creative writing in role, enhances the implication of a rather broad spectrum of prospective participant groups beyond students, such as immigrants, prison convicts and the elderly. We also aim at the facilitation of the involvement of all people who seek ways of improving their professional competence and who could benefit from the implementation of drama techniques in workplaces such as museums, public libraries, and in some sectors of the tourism industry. We firmly believe that the role of educational drama deserves to be consolidated in many areas of social science and social work.
Kondoyianni, A., Lenakakis, A. and Tsiotsos, N. (2013) 'Intercultural and lifelong learning based on educational drama', Scenario: A Journal of Performative Teaching, Learning, Research, VII(2), pp. 28-48.