Predictors of satisfaction and value of advanced training for mental health professionals in wartime Ukraine

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Velykodna, Mariana
Gorbunova, Viktoriia
Frankova, Iryna
Deputatov, Vladyslav
Happell, Brenda
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The full-scale escalation of Russia’s war against Ukraine in 2022 created a surge of mental health issues, requiring urgent, evidence-based interventions to reduce trauma and mitigate stress. Reflecting recommendations from leading specialists in the field, Ukrainian mental health professionals sought to develop appropriate skills and knowledge for working in wartime through advanced training programs. This study aimed to investigate the experiences of Ukrainian mental health professionals having completed advanced training in mental health topics in wartime. A survey design was adopted, using the purposefully developed, and validated ‘Wartime Learning Satisfaction Scale’. Regression analysis assessed the hypothesized contribution of four scales (Education, Educator, Learner, and War) to the perceived value of advanced training and learners’ satisfaction. Respondents (n = 271) were trained in up to 30 courses (M = 4.27, SD = 3.03) lasting from two to over 120 h. Regression analysis revealed different predictors for satisfaction and value of the courses. Advanced training resulted in higher satisfaction with learning if it matched professional goals of mental health professionals and perceived higher value when relevant to societal demand, consistently constructed, practically useful, and not solely focusing on war-related issues. Respondents who completed all advanced training courses they were interested demonstrated significantly higher confidence in working in wartime. These findings are essential for effective mental health practice during wartime.
Ukraine , Russia , War , Effective mental health practice , Wartime , Trauma , Stress
Velykodna, M., Gorbunova, V., Frankova, I., Deputatov, V. and Happell, B. (2023) 'Predictors of satisfaction and value of advanced training for mental health professionals in wartime Ukraine', Issues in Mental Health Nursing. doi: 10.1080/01612840.2023.2258217
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