Gap analysis of current best practices in the area of continual commissioning

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Hryshchenko, Andriy
Menzel, Karsten
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This paper analyses the status of Continual Commissioning (subsequently short-named as CC) aiming to improve the energy efficient design and operation of built artefacts. In order to develop a comprehensive vision of the CC market worldwide it is compulsory to establish a state-of-the-art analysis based on already existing Best Practices (BP). As a result of these identified challenges, commonalities, deficits, and potentials for collaboration are identified contributing to enhance harmonization between the CC-related technology developers. This paper proposes a systematic categorization approach to identify gaps in the current Best Practices in the area of Continual Commissioning. More than 500 companies and organizations related to this area have been analyzed, 100 of them have been selected for further categorization and analysis. The proposed method allows to identify major deficits of the related services offered within the specified categories. Finally, areas in CC which require substantial improvement are identified.
Energy efficiency , Building technology , Building design , Continual Commissioning (CC) , Energy efficient design
Hryshchenko, A. and Menzel, K. (2014) 'Gap Analysis of Current Best Practices in the Area of Continual Commissioning', 10th European Conference on Product & Process - ECPPM 2014, Vienna, Austria, 17-19 September.
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