Enforcement of smoke/tobacco-free policies at public universities in the US

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Seitz, Christopher M.
Kabir, Zubair
Greiner, Birgit A.
Davoren, Martin P.
McIntyre, Samuel C.
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Tobacco Regulatory Science Group
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Objective: In this study, we examined how smoke/tobacco-free campuses are enforced at 4-year public universities in the United States. Methods: During September of 2016, smoke-free and tobacco-free policies of 4- year, public universities were located via the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation and the College Navigator websites. Policies were categorized based upon those who were responsible for initially confronting policy violators, those who were responsible for receiving reports of policy violations, methods for reporting a violation, and the types of sanctions for violators. Results: Of 167 policies, most (62%) relied on the entire campus community (students, faculty, staff) to provide initial policy enforcement. The majority (59%) did not mention who would receive violation reports, only 15% included a detailed method for reporting a violation, and over one-third did not mention any sanctions for students, employees, or visitors. Conclusion: This study highlights the need for more specific and robust policy enforcement at smoke/tobacco-free universities.
Smoking , Tobacco , Policy , Enforce , University
Seitz, C. M., Kabir, Z., Greiner, B. A., Davoren, M. P. and McIntyre, S. C. (2018) 'Enforcement of Smoke/Tobacco-free Policies at Public Universities in the US', Tobacco Regulatory Science, 4(4), pp. 22-31. doi: 10.18001/TRS.4.4.3
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