Monitoring of pilot-scale induction processes for dairy powders using inline and offline approaches

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O'Sullivan, Jonathan J.
Schmidmeier, Christiane
Drapala, Kamil P.
O'Mahony, James A.
Kelly, Alan L.
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The induction of two dairy powders, skim milk powder (SMP; low-protein content), and milk protein isolate (MPI, high-protein content), was studied. The powder induction approaches investigated were (1) eductor alone, (2) eductor with a static mixer, and (3) eductor with high shear inline mixing. Measurement of pressure drop, from which viscosity was determined inline using the Hagen-Poiseuille equation, offline viscometry and particle size analyses were performed. High shear inline mixing provided the most efficient induction of powders. In addition, more rapid powder induction, as observed from particle size analysis, was achieved for SMP in comparison to MPI, owing to its better rehydration properties. Inline pressure drop data demonstrated that dissolution of MPI had two distinct phases: (i) powder introduction, and (ii) powder breakdown, irrespective of configuration and concentration employed.
Powder induction , Eductor , Static mixer , High shear inline mixer , Milk protein isolate , Skim milk powder
O'Sullivan, J. J., Schmidmeier, C., Drapala, K. P., O'Mahony, J. A. and Kelly, A. L. (2016) 'Monitoring of pilot-scale induction processes for dairy powders using inline and offline approaches', Journal of Food Engineering, 197, pp. 9-16. doi: 10.1016/j.jfoodeng.2016.10.023
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