Reality vs. rhetoric: An analysis of the implementation gap in provision of traveller-specific housing in Ireland

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Morgan-Williams, Samantha
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This chapter outlines the current legal framework in place in Ireland, which provides for provision of Traveller-specific accommodation, exploring the scope of the Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act 1998. An analysis of the key provisions of the legislation will then be juxtaposed with the current situation faced by many Irish Travellers in accessing suitable housing. Revealing the significant disparities between what the Act states and how the Act is implemented at a local level. This ‘lived experience’ of many Irish Travellers reflects that implementation of domestic legislation has failed to ensure adequate provision of Traveller-specific housing, resulting in huge disparities between the rhetoric of the relevant legal instruments, and the reality faced by many of the Community. In highlighting this growing implementation gap, the chapter will conclude with analysis of how exactly this gap has occurred and what possible avenues can be pursued to close it.
Housing law , Accommodation rights , Right to housing , Culturally appropriate housing , Traveller-specific housing
Morgan-Williams, S. (2019) 'Reality vs. Rhetoric: An Analysis of the Implementation Gap in Provision of Traveller-specific Housing in Ireland', in Vols, M. and Schmid, C. U. (eds). Houses, Homes and the Law: Studies in Housing Law, Vol. 3, The Hague: Eleven Publishing, pp. 103-128. isbn: 9789462369740
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