"Grand visions" for post-capitalist human-computer interaction

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Feltwell, Tom
Lawson, Shaun
Encinas, Enrique
Linehan, Conor
Kirman, Ben
Maxwell, Deborah
Jenkins, Tom
Kuznetsov, Stacey
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Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
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The design, development and deployment of new technology is a form of intervention on the social, psychological and physical world. Whether explicitly intended or not, all digital technology is designed to support some vision of how work, leisure, education, healthcare, and so on, is organised in the future [11]. For example, most efforts to make commercial systems more usable, efficient and pleasurable, are ultimately about the vision of increased profits as part of a capitalist society. This workshop will bring together researchers, designers and practitioners to explore an alternative, post-capitalist, “grand vision” for HCI, asking what kind of futures the community sees itself as working towards. Are the futures we are building towards any different from those envisioned by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, which are typically neoliberal, absent of strict labour laws, licensing fees, tax declarations and the necessity to deal with government bureaucracy?
Post-capitalist HCI , Post-capitalism , Post-barter , Grand visions , Late capitalism , Science fiction
Feltwell, T., Lawson, S., Encinas, E., Linehan, C., Kirman, B., Maxwell, D., Jenkins, T. and Kuznetsov, S. (2018) 'Grand visions for post-capitalist human-computer interaction', Extended Abstracts of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Montreal QC, Canada, 21-26 April, W04 (8pp). doi:10.1145/3170427.3170609
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