On the multifaceted journey for the invention of epitaxial quantum dots

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Pelucchi, Emanuele
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Epitaxial semiconductor quantum dots have been, in the last 40 years or so, at the center of the research effort of a large community. The focus being on “semiconductor physics and devices”, in view of the broad applications and potential, e.g., for efficient temperature insensitive lasers at telecom wavelengths, or as “artificial atoms” for quantum information processing. Our manuscript aims at addressing, with an historical perspective, the specifics of (III-V) epitaxial quantum dot early developments (largely for light emitting) and subsequent years. We will not only highlight the variety of epitaxial structures and methods, but also, intentionally glancing a didactic approach, discuss aspects that are, in general, little acknowledged or debated in the present literature. The analyses will also naturally bring us to examine some of current challenges, in a field which, despite sensational achievements, is, remarkably, still far from being mature in its developments and applications.
Quantum dots , Stranski Krastanov , Epitaxy , MBE , MOVPE , Surface organization
Pelucchi, E. (2023) 'On the multifaceted journey for the invention of epitaxial quantum dots', Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials, 69(2-4), 100603 (9pp). doi: 10.1016/j.pcrysgrow.2023.100603
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