Children of the diaspora: coming home to 'my own country'?

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Ní Laoire, Caitríona
Carpena-Méndez, Fina
Tyrrell, Naomi
White, Allen
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This chapter focuses on an invisible child migrant population, that is, children who migrated to Ireland with Irish return migrant parents. It explores the complex nature of these children's negotiations of identity and belonging, problematising notions of unproblematic belonging for children of return migrants, and thus problematising ethno-national definitions of belonging.
Migration , Return migration , Children , Young people , Home , Belonging , Identity
Ni Laoire, C., Carpena-Mendez, F., Tyrrell, N. and White, A. (2011) 'Children of the diaspora: coming home to 'my own country'?' in Childhood and Migration in Europe: portraits of mobility, identity and belonging in contemporary Europe, London: Routledge. isbn:978-1-4094-0109-4
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