A descriptive study of the burden of animal-related trauma at Cork University Hospital

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Sheehan, M.
Deasy, Conor
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Irish Medical Organisation
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Farming is the most dangerous occupation in Ireland1 and the incidence of farm accidents is rising. This study examines major farm animal-related trauma treated at Cork University Hospital over a 5 year period. There were 54 patients admitted to Cork University Hospital (C.U.H.) with major farm animal-related trauma. The median age was 56 years, 85% were male and the median hospital length of stay was four days. Older patients had longer lengths of stay; 5.5 vs 4 days (p=0.026). Tibia/fibula fractures were the most common injuries (N=13, 24%); head injury occurred in six patients (11%). There were 32 (59%) patients who required surgery, the majority for orthopaedic injuries. There were nine patients (16.7%) admitted to the intensive care unit; their median ICU stay was four days. Injury prevention and treatment strategies require that the age profile, mechanism of injury and injury patterns of farmers sustaining animal-related trauma is recognised.
Farming , Health and safety , Farm animal-related trauma , Fatal workplace accidents , Non-fatal workplace injuries , Cow-related trauma , Dairy farms , Irish farms , Cork University Hospital , Farm injuries , Agriculture workers , Public health , Dangerous occupation , Safety practices , Orthopaedic injuries,
Sheehan, M. and Deasy, C. (2018) 'A Descriptive Study Of The Burden Of Animal-Related Trauma At Cork University Hospital', Irish Medical Journal, 111:1. Available at: http://imj.ie/a-descriptive-study-of-the-burden-of-animal-related-trauma-at-cork-university-hospital/
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