Translating deaf culture: an ethnodrama

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O'Connell, Noel P.
Lynch, Teresa
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This ethnodrama is a script writing project based on qualitative research that explores deaf people’s experience of working as interpreter in Ireland. A collection of interview data was used to develop the ethnodrama by constructing scenes that reveal a series of interactive moments that capture the challenges faced by deaf interpreters. Framed within Sontag’s (1997) conceptualization of “translation,” the authors offer a critique of the term translation and discuss its significance from the perspective of deaf interpreters. Participants were invited to read and comment on aspects of the scenes and contribute to the script writing process. Their statements were integrated into the script to generate meaningful dialogue which appear in the final part of the play. The discussion indicated a positive response to this ethnodrama which was generally successful in producing realistic dramatized scenarios which stimulated reflective discussions in the epilogue.
Deaf interpreters , Sign language interpreting , Irish sign language , Deaf culture , Translations
O’Connell, N. P. and Lynch, T. 'Translating Deaf Culture: An Ethnodrama', Qualitative Inquiry, doi: 10.1177/1077800419843945
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