System integration and data models to support smart grids energy trading

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Silva, Fábio
O'Leidhin, Eoin
Tahir, Farah
Mould, Karen
O'Regan, Brian
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European Conference on Renewable Energy Systems (ECRES)
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As smart grids gained relevance in the renewable energy landscape, the demand for new data management models became evident. Independently, whether emerging models are centralised on the Transmission System Operators (TSO), Distribution System Operators (DSO), or even on a third-party entity/aggregator (under proper regulatory supervision), the complexity of integration and interoperability of heterogeneous systems are worsened by the increase of renewable energy sources - given its potential reach and the diversity of solution providers. This work provides a detailed study of the main systems concerns present on TSO and DSO platforms alike, and main concerns in relation to renewable energy sources, sensor devices (e.g., smart meters and Internet of Things (IoT) devices) and processes. Furthermore, this work also carries out an analysis of the available integration studies - including a study case. Finally, this work proposes a top-level ontology-based standardisation for smart grid integration to support energy trading initiatives.
Smart grid , Sustainable energy , Renewable energy , Energy trading , Energy informatics
Silva, F., O'Leidhin, E., Tahir, F., Mould, K. and O'Regan, B. (2021) 'System integration and data models to support smart grids energy trading', 9th European Conference on Renewable Energy Systems (ECRES 2021), Istanbul, Turkey, 21-23 April.
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