Time-dependent performance of Dublin Port Tunnel

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Wang, Chao
Friedman, Miles
Li, Zili
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Civil Engineering Research Association of Ireland
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It is widely observed that existing tunnels deform and deteriorate over time due to various factors. Among them, tunnel lining permeability plays a significant role. In practice, the development of lining cracks and adjustment of drainage system may gradually alter the permeability of tunnel lining and water drainage path around a tunnel with time. Nevertheless, past investigations usually assume unchanged lining permeability during the whole life of a tunnel but fail to take time-dependent aging process into consideration. In this study, a set of hydro-mechanical coupled analyses is conducted to evaluate the effect of time-dependent crack development on the behaviour of a cross passage twin-tunnel section in Dublin Port Tunnel. The numerical results compare the transverse and longitudinal settlement profiles above the twin-tunnel with and without cross passage. The deformational characteristics of tunnel lining subject to the influence of the time-dependent permeability change are also analysed, which brings more insights into the understanding of aging tunnel structures.
Time-dependent lining permeability , Cross passage , Tunnel performance , Hydro-mechanical coupled analysis
Wang, C., Friedman, M. and Li, Z. (2020) 'Time-dependent Performance of Dublin Port Tunnel', Civil Engineering Research in Ireland 2020: Conference Proceedings, Cork Institute of Technology, 27-28 August, pp. 659-664. isbn: 978-0-9573957-4-9. Available at: https://sword.cit.ie/monographs/1
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