Computers & Culture, Issue 1

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Fiormonte, Domenico
MacCarron, Máirín
O'Connell, Micheál
del Rio Riande, Gimena
O'Sullivan, James
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Future Humanities Institute, University College Cork.
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Computers & Culture is an interdisciplinary digital pamphlet featuring short essays and notes of relevance to the digital and computers in the wider arts, humanities, and social sciences. It is published by the Digital Cultures, New Media, & Cultural Analytics research cluster, part of the Future Humanities Institute at University College Cork. It is edited by James O'Sullivan. Issue 1 features the following contributions: The Big Knowledge Reset and Its Impact on Digital Humanities by Domenico Fiormonte, University of Roma Tre; Data Feminism by Catherine D’Ignazio & Lauren F. Klein, reviewed by Máirín MacCarron, University College Cork; Systems Interference: Arguments, Samples, New Work by Micheál O’Connell, University of Sussex; Humanidades Digitales: infraestructuras visibles e invisibles by Gimena del Rio Riande, IIBICRIT, CONICET Argentina
Digital humanities , Technology , Society , Culture , Interdisciplinary , Technology , Digital art , Cultural analytics , Digital cultures
O'Sullivan, J. ed. (2023) Computers & Culture, Issue 1.