Quantum control of many-particle systems via shortcuts to adiabaticity

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Dowdall, Tom
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University College Cork
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A major barrier for the development of new quantum technologies is fast and robust methods for preparing and manipulating complex quantum states. To date preparation and manipulation of quantum systems has primarily been done using adiabatic processes. These adiabatic processes while robust have significant disadvantages such as their requiring long process times, a further drawback is that the system-environment interaction over these these long process times can lead to loss of coherence of the state of the system. A new area of study to achieve the robustness of adiabatic schemes but in time-scales much shorter is "Shortcuts to Adiabaticity" (STA). These STA techniques provide new methods for the manipulation of quantum systems that achieve high-fidelity state transfers in much shorter times. The aim of this thesis is to use STA and related methods for many particle systems. A method for manipulating a gas of fermions is developed using Pauli blocking and it’s robustness in the presence of temperature and different particle number investigated. A novel method for trapping and cooling particles using atom-diode and reflecting atomic mirror is investigated, both the classical and quantum cases are simulated. A method for transporting atoms and condensates across an optical lattice using invariant based inverse engineering is developed. Finally we look at non-hermitian potentials and design particular potentials that result in desirable asymmetries in the transmission and reflection of incident particles.
Physics , Quantum control , Many particle physics , Shortcuts to adiabaticity
Dowdall, T. 2020. Quantum control of many-particle systems via shortcuts to adiabaticity. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.
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