An analysis of topic modelling for legislative texts

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O'Neill, James
Robin, Cecile
O'Brien, Leona
Buitelaar, Paul
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CEUR Workshop Proceedings
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The uprise of legislative documents within the past decade has risen dramatically, making it difficult for law practitioners to attend to legislation such as Statutory Instrument orders and Acts. This work focuses on the use of topic models for summarizing and visualizing British legislation, with a view toward easier browsing and identification of salient legal topics and their respective set of topic specific terms. We provide an initial qualitative evaluation from a legal expert on how the models have performed by ranking them for each jurisdiction according to topic coherency and relevance.
Topic modelling , Dimensionality reduction techniques , Bayesian inference , Topic coherency
O'Neill, J., Robin, C., O'Brien, L. and Buitelaar, P. (2016) 'An analysis of topic modelling for legislative texts', Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Automated Semantic Analysis of Information in Legal Texts, co-located with the 16th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law (ICAIL 2017), London, UK, 16 June.
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