Evaluation of national work-related psychosocial risk management policies: An international review of the literature

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Potter, Rachael
Jamieson, Stephanie
Jain, Aditya
Leka, Stavroula
Dollard, Maureen
O'Keeffe, Valerie
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This paper presents a critical appraisal of the international literature in relation to national work health and safety (WHS) policy evaluation for the management of psychosocial hazards and risks and the protection of work-related psychological health. We reviewed policy evaluation publications from the last 20 years (i.e. between 2001 and 2021). In total, 26 publications were identified and analysed based on: the origin of the research, participants involved, data collection strategies and the data analysis techniques. As an additional component of this review we also synthesised the key findings and implications derived from current policy evaluation efforts. Results support the need for more international research beyond Europe and Australia, and data collection from a more diverse pool of participants (e.g. workers, inspectors, regulators). Understanding the current body of knowledge provides a valuable resource for guiding the future development of informed and high-quality evaluation research and practice, as well as sharing knowledge across countries with the goal to improve psychosocial work conditions globally. The value of this paper is that it provides a clear overview of the current research status, in addition to suggestions for progressing future policy evaluation.
Work health and safety (WHS) , Safety science , Risks , Psychosocial hazards , Work psychology
Potter, R., Jamieson, S., Jain, A., Leka, S., Dollard, M. and O'Keeffe, V. (2022) 'Evaluation of national work-related psychosocial risk management policies: An international review of the literature', Safety Science, 154, 105854 (17 pp). doi: 10.1016/j.ssci.2022.105854
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